We all know choosing outfits for your session is the #1 thing that everyone struggles with. So lets solve that with a little blog post....

Start by choosing a dressy outfit & a casual outfit!

I recommend AT LEAST 1 of each. When you start thinking about your session goal and what you want it to look like - picking outfits will be a lot easier! I always recommend to start with jeans and a cute top! Whether it be jean shorts with a tee, jeans with a blouse or tee! You can wear your favorite jeans with a casual top like a high school tee, and then move onto a more dressy item like a peplum top! We can then move onto a tank with a chunky cardigan!

Now for your dressy choice - FLOWY! I cannot stress this enough! It looks amazing on EVERYONE! It is flattering for every body type and give you that twirl factor everyone loves! One of my FAVE places is Altr'd State & Free People! They always have great options for everyone!

Complimentary Colors

I have girls on both sides of the color spectrum! From Earthy colors to Bright Southern Gal Colors. What I suggest to EVERY client, not just my seniors... Spray Tans/Self Tan. Even just a hint of color can make all of the difference! You want your outfits to show personality and your style! If you love Lilly Pulitzer and the patterns she has - Girl, I'm here for it! If you love Earthy colors and not distracting from the background - Girl, give me a forest green dress and let's go! I always like to send my clients to Pinterest for more ideas on color options! We will also be picking locations based off of your outfits. So we are not in the middle of a forest but wearing bright pink lol.

Stick to your own style

I cannot stress enough to stick to your own style. You do not want to be caught in the middle of your shoot having a breakdown because you are so uncomfortable in your clothes. It will 100% show in your photos. If I sense you are not comfortable - I will say something. You need to be able to trust that I am there to help you and make you fell comfortable in front of my camera. There is so much pressure for your photos to be picture perfect. I just want you to have fun and be comfy. If you hate dresses - Don't wear one! If you love grungy, vintage clothing - SHOW IT OFF!! Show who you are! You won't regret it!

Options, Options, & More options

BRING ALL OF THE OPTIONS! I know that I say on my website you're allowed 1-2 or 3-4 outfits. That is a minimum and I want you to bring anything and everything you might want to wear. There could be outfit options that you did not think about! I don't want you to fret on whether or not you should bring that dress or that top! My answer will 100% of the time be ... BRING IT ALL!!! It is better to be over prepared than under prepared! We as photographers know what outfits and colors look best with locations. It is part of our job to take that stress off of you!


Your fun outfit can be your letterman jacket, your college t-shirt, your team uniform, a super fun dress, or something that is suuuper trendy. Since you’re going to wear a casual and more formal outfit, throwing in a fun outfit can shake up your session and allow you to do some more fun poses! Showing off your school spirit is a great thing to incorporate in your senior pictures because you’re only a high school senior once!! This is such a fun time in your life, you should live it up! Also, wearing a super trendy outfit can be lively, especially if you’re really into fashion! Your trendy outfit could be a cute jumpsuit, something that’s cheetah print, a graphic t-shirt with a leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, really anything you want! Throwing in a fun outfit just mixes things up and you can truly show off your personality, all while still getting those classic casual/formal outfit photos.


Adding layers can mean throwing on a jean jacket, a cardigan, a leather jacket, a jacket with some fringe, literally any type of outerwear! Mixing textures is also super fun and makes the photo more interesting! For example, you can layer cotton and denim or silk and leather! When you layer, make sure the colors compliment each other by limiting the colors to one or two color families. Accessories can also be SO fun to add into your photos! I love when seniors incorporate cute hats into their photos because there’s so much you can do with them and they’re easy to take on and off! You can also wear a cute belt, rings, layered necklaces, a bracelet, a hair scarf, or cute earrings! These little details can make your outfit look more thought out and put together.


I think all girls can relate to this: You’re in the dressing room, you try on something new, and suddenly you’re having a dance party by yourself to whatever music is coming from the store’s speakers. When you start dancing in something that means you feel great and confident in it! When you feel confident in what you’re wearing your personality will really shine through! Plus, if you’re dancing in something that means it’s comfortable, which is always a plus!!

I hope these tips help! I am always available for help when you book with me along with my Welcome Guide filled with tips, locations, prep for your session etc.!