Senior Bucket List | 20 Things you need to do before you Graduate Senior Year

Senior Year is so much fun and I wish I did more to be more involved in my school! Here are ways to make your Senior Year more Memorable!

  1. Got to EVERY home game! Whether you're from a smaller town or the big city - get out and go to the games! Afterwards, go to your local hang out restaurant and have an after game dinner!
  2. Go to Homecoming or create your own! Honestly with the pandemic, Homecomings at someone's house is starting to be a new trend! Having an awesome backyard party and have dinner catered! It's less traditional and honestly I'm jealous we never thought about that!
  3. Take a trip with your best friends. Who wouldn't want to do this! Even if it is a "Stay-cation" somewhere near where you live!
  4. Write a Time Capsule Letter. Write about what was going on in your life whether it be with friends, family, you name it! It may seem like nonsense when you're older but it goes to show that high school isn't the highlight of your life. It is however, a fun way to remember the early years! *Cringe*
  5. Participate in Spirit Week. It's just plain fun! I love the different days they come up with each year because of what is trendy!
  6. Go to Pep Rally's! Do they still do these?? I hope so! We always had ours in the Stadium and the whole county would show up to show support! It was an EVENT!
  7. Go to a concert with friends! Where I grew up, we had Raymond James Stadium to host concerts. Here in Virginia, we have places like Dr. Pepper Park & Local artists at the lake! Either way, it is so much fun to go sit by the water, eat some food and enjoy some live music!
  8. Take Polaroid Photos! I love photos! (I'm a Photographer...Duh!) I feel like it is the best way to document and remember a time in your life. Polaroids are such a fun way to document your senior year and be in the moment rather than in your phone!
  9. Movie Nights/Game Nights/Sleepovers. Old School fun y'all! Who doesn't like a sleepover?
  10. Breakfast with your friends before school. Seems so early right? But, I promise your day will be 100% better if you take the time to go and have a good meal before school!
  11. Leave your name at the school. Now I am not saying to go graffiti your name all over the place! However, somewhere small!
  12. Volunteer. Getting out into the community and doing something good is one of the best things you can do to give back to the community you grew up in!
  13. Explore your Town. What a better way to support local and see where you come from. Who knows, you might want to come back one day ;)
  14. Pay for the next person in the drive thru. Giving back in the smallest ways is a great way to start good Karma. you never know what the person next to you is going through. So be KIND to everyone!
  15. Waste less time on Social Media. I am literally typing this and encouraging you to go to my social media to read this. Whoops. But, it's true! Be in the moment, spend time with your friends. Spend time with your family! Don't miss something because you were on your phone!
  16. Go Camping. Grab a tent, a cooler, some chairs & go camping! Sit around a camp fire making those Pinterest Meals you found the week before!
  17. Senior Photos. I am SHAMELESSLY putting in the plug! Senior photos are so much fun and they are such a great opportunity to have these extra times for you, your friends, & your parents! Join a Senior Model Team (Become an HWP Senior??? ;) ) and create the coolest images that are all about you!
  18. Apply to College or Trade School, Get Scholarships, Tour Colleges! College is not for everyone and that is OK! You figure out what makes you happy and you run! You turn it into a business, or you go to that trade school! Take that time to spend with your parents and let them help you enter into this crazy world!
  19. Thank a Teacher. Being a High School Teacher is not for the weak. They are invested in you, your education and your lives. They work hard to come in everyday and help you get through those last classes and make them fun! Just give them a simple Thank you. That's all it takes!
  20. GRADUATE! It's really simple! Just do the damn thing! Celebrate that amazing accomplishment. Let your family and friends celebrate YOU! You earned it!