Lifestyle photography sessions are designed to depict a day in your life doing what you enjoy with the ones you love. Whether you’re going on an adventure or telling a story of a day at home, a photography session like this is sure to be full of emotion and fun. The greatest part about these sessions is that they are unique to you. The key to planning your session is to incorporate activities, ways to interact.


Below is a list of some example Activities for your session. Choose activities that feel genuine to you. you can be as laid back or adventurous as your heart desires. If you’re feeling super adventurous, use this photo opportunity to learn something new! 


-Making coffee or cooking breakfast at home 

-Bath time

-Snuggles on the couch or in bed

-Reading books

-Baking + decorating cookies

- Visiting your favorite coffeeshop or farmers market 

- Building a fort 

- Playing your favorite games

-Cooking over a campfire

-Planting a garden


-Pillow fights

-Flying kites


We will focus on your daily routine. Such as Snuggles, Feeding, Diaper changes, Bath time, and interacting. The goal is to capture what you do during your days so … wait for the photographer and let’s do it all together. 


Dress for the occasion… We will be shooting your session in your home or out and about in nature or your favorite spots to frequent. You can dress as casually or formal as you desire just make sure it blends with your location choices. Mostly just wear something you feel AMAZING in!


      - Always wear clothing you feel comfortable & confident in.

      - Coordinate clothing with others. Think same tones and complimentary colors.

      - Avoid busy patterns. These can be distracting in photos.   

      - Think Neutral tones, Vibrant colors reflect lighting and can mess up skin tones in photographs.

     - Whites and pastels photograph beautifully | STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEWBORNS

     -If you are having an in home session and you want to wear your pajamas or your baby wants to run around naked we don't mind! We want to capture you in your natural state. Cuddles in bed look awkward in a suit and tie!



 Moms listen… Life is hard when you have a little one. We know by experience! You hardly have time to get your kids up in time for school much less get dressed yourself. Who even FEELS like it right? But for the shoot, you deserve it. Start your morning correctly and take an hour for yourself to take a shower, prep and get your energy up. 

This is a professional family session. You paid for someone to come into your home and take photos of your little family. You owe it to yourself to get ready and feel good about yourself before we show up. Put daddy in charge that morning to get the kids fed and dressed and take time for yourself. Taking the time to get ready will make you feel awesome will put you in gear to take on the world, I promise. If you are hiring a photographer to only take photos of your kids, get ready anyways. I PROMISE you, you’ll want a few photos with them after you see how much fun they are having.


Our interest as photographers is to capture the beauty that is your family being yourselves. This is for you parents! A photographer is coming into your home to photograph your family. Not to get a dozen formal portraits. 

The goal in these sessions is to remember your family as they are. Parents often have a tendency to want the perfect little portrait of their family and we will try to get one or two,  but we don't want you to feels overwhelmed when your little one doesn’t sit still and act like a perfect little gentleman.

 Lets be real, kids NEVER sit still for long in real life anyways?

Let your kids be kids. If they like to run around and scream at the top of their lungs for no reason.. let them. This is your family. EMBRACE it. Concentrate your energy to smiling and laughing for the camera. Look at your kids, play with them, run around with them, ENJOY THEM. 

Relax… Don’t worry about the photographer. We love to run around after your kids.

Your kids will have a better time at the session if you run around WITH THEM and you grab them and tickle them rather than telling them to STOP IT and come sit down. So laugh it out, run around and keep that smile on your face.

Just have fun! This is a documentary of your life as parents so embrace your sometimes-out-of-control children and your hectic life and let the photographer show you how beautiful it truly is looking in from the outside. 

Music…Turn on the tunes! Whether it be Mozart, Katy Perry or Disney songs, whatever helps your household feel “normal” is what we should be listening to during our session.

Know what makes your child giggle… If your session involves a baby or child that is 9 months or older, it is really helpful to me if you know what makes your little one laugh. Spend some time before the session thinking through things that you do as a family that get the best giggles; and keep those tricks up your sleeve just in case. In many cases, we don’t need these tricks, but sometimes we do. So, whether it is a favorite song on Pandora, a silly noise daddy makes or words in a favorite book, plan to have these things ready just in case we need them.

Be yourself! 

Embrace the short attention spans, grass stains, and dogs licking your face mid-frame. These portraits are not about everyone sitting up tall and nailing the perfect smile at the camera, they’re about your silly awesome life. Let the kids be kids and their personalities will shine through the photograph. Years from now, these images will bring the biggest smile to your face, for real! We promise.


Do what you need to do for your baby. If you are breast feeding follow your schedule, or feed on demand, we don't mind. We are happy to photograph this beautiful part of you motherhood journey. We are completely comfortable and are both mothers ourselves. We can intimately document the moment or just capture the essence from across the room. We are also happy to give you privacy, just let us know what you prefer. Have a white or ivory blanket or linen near for us to photograph all of the little details. Lets document what you do most with your new baby. We want to tell the story of your daily life now. A session can incorporate Bath time, feeding, cuddles, diaper changes & sleeping etc…


-Clean up, just a little by De-cluttering the shooting space. These rooms don’t need to be magazine worthy. I don’t want you to go out and buy all new furniture for our session, but I do want those bright spaces to be the best version of your house.

-Pale neutrals and whites really help to accentuate natural light – dark and bold colors will tint the light and leave color casts on you in camera. Consider swapping colored bedding and curtains for whites or paler colors/neutrals.

(Totally up to you, not necessary)


IMPORTANT: The Point is to interact with each other, to have fun and to display your love for each other. What makes a beautiful photograph is emotion and sentiment. Don't worry about a hair being out of place. We’ve got you! If I need to adjust something I will!

   -Props are a fabulous idea if they are GENUINE! They can help set the scene and bring out your personalities as a couple. Maybe you have a favorite book? Maybe you like wine? Maybe you play an instrument! bring it!

   -Eat before you come or bring a snack so you are not hangry!

-Being on time is IMPORTANT. We schedule for ideal lighting conditions.