Since you're here, you are either a high school senior, parent of a future HS Graduate, or just curious to know what I do! 

So here it is! 

What is a Senior Rep/Model?

My Seniors are a group of guys and girls who represent my company by spreading the word about their photos and their experience! That is surface level of what they do. 

Deeper than that - they are seniors who are wanting to experience something totally different and be apart of an amazing group within their community! I choose different seniors from the surrounding area and we have different events, photoshoots, and community events throughout the school year! I do everything from different sessions each season, holiday events, & creating new friendships! 

What is in it for me? 

Look I get it! Friendship isn’t always the best incentive. So to entice you a little bit more, when you are representing my company and telling everyone where you got your amazing photos done, you will be receiving gifts and cash bonuses for every referral that is sent to me! So to break it down - when you go to your friends and say “Hey! I see you haven’t gotten your senior photos done. You should go talk to Haley about getting them done with her! She was amazing! I felt so comfortable shooting with her and she gave me exactly what I wanted!” Then your friend will contact me and we will talk. They will book with me and once the deposit is paid - you will receive that referral bonus! 

What are the bonuses? 

I do a variation of bonuses to keep it exciting to keep earning throughout the year. I also include bonuses for parents as well! Oh yes! I love to involve parents! We will get to that next:) My bonuses range from gift cards, to cash, to gifts! A breakdown will be more in depth when you sign up:)

Now… Parents! 

I love parents! If you are a parent and you are reading this, this is not just for your child! I love to create relationships with you guys as well! I love to involve the whole family. I am HUGE on family within my own home and the purpose of my company is to create an HWP family:) 

So how can parents be involved? 

Well, spread the word to friends, family, and co-workers! Even out of state ones! Oh yeah, I travel! When you have referrals who book me - it will count towards your child's referrals as well! They still have to do some of the work though! Lol :) 

Parent Bonuses! 

When you send referrals, parents will also receive bonuses like discounts off images, discounts off future sessions, gift cards, etc. I want to involve everyone and make this something else y’all can do as a family before your senior leaves for college! 

I hope you learned a little bit more about the awesome experience I give to all of my Seniors!