Model Call

Please fill out the info below in order to be considered for the Model Call :)

Model Call Sessions:

  • Each Session will be 1 Hour. Your Session fee is waived and you will also receive 3 Digital Images for participating! Full Galleries will be available for purchase as well :)
  • I will be styling you and your family (if family shoot). If clothes need to be purchased - I will be purchasing them and I will be keeping them for my client closet.
  • Hair and makeup is provided for a discounted fee of $50 by my MUA Kaitlyn Jeffreys
  • Valentines Day is an In-Home Session in your home! You will only need 1 or 2 rooms that are clutter free such as: living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It does not need to be Southern Living perfect Haha! I promise you won't even notice it :)
  • You must be available on the date I am requesting. There will not be a reschedule unless it's due to weather.

We will be picking out an outfit that fits what you are comfortable with and the style of the photos I am looking to do.

We will not need your entire house cleaned and decorated. The point of these is to document your family in your home :)

Who will be in the photos? How many kids? Ages? Names? Husband/Fiancé/Boyfriend name? How did you meet? What is your clothing style? Do you like dressing up? Want a more casual session?